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Do Probiotics Help in the Gym?

Your gut is called the second nervous system of the body and there are a number of reasons why. It clearly has a major impact on the entire body system. Considering muscle development, one might think that the gut doesn’t have a lot to do with the process. However, you will be surprised to hear how much gut health is entwined with developing muscles/. This brings us to optimizing the gut health to favor muscle growth. Here microflora in the gut play a significant role. These get deranged over time and can result in disorders and health compromises which affect your ability to build muscles. To replenish them, probiotics are necessary. Here are 5 reasons why probiotics are so important for the gym.

Accelerated Nutrient absorption

Without optimal gut health, most of the nutrients that could be absorbed are simply wasted. Probiotics helps with the uptake, assimilation and absorption of nutrients in the gut, promoting absorption of nutrients every step of the way. Considering over a long term, this amounts to a significant amount of energy that you can avail. In short, probiotics could potentially maximize the efficiency of conversion of the nutrients you intake into muscle proteins.

Boost Immunity

Sickness could end up being the most fitness-sapping hurdles that you face, as it becomes almost impossible to maintain your previous workout plan. Plus, all the energy you gained is lost trying to combat the invading organism. Probiotics however, prevent this from happening by boosting the immune system. They strengthen gut immunity and limit the number of pathogens that enter the system. Having favorable microflora also means that there is less space for invasion by pathogenic organisms which are simply flushed away.

Motivates Fitness Desires

Around 90% of our own serotonin, also commonly known as the 'happy hormone' is manufactured in the gut. This means that impaired gut health and reduced amount of serotonin secretion could be the reason behind decreased serotonin levels. Recent studies suggest that improved gut health is linked to higher levels of serotonin and better mood. This can be correlated with the desire to workout, boosting your muscle gain.

Boosts Metabolism

A better gut health means that your gut is working at its maximum capacity. This results in accelerated metabolism. Also, as probiotics boosts gut flora, the greater energy expended in assimilating nutrients combined with the better absorption of necessary micronutrients, results in accelerated metabolism. A better metabolism results in greater expenditure of energy. This complements the weight loss and muscle development in the gym.

Heals Common Athletic Problems

Sports athletes often experience gas, bloating, diarrhea, cramps, nausea, and respiratory problems, which are primarily due to an imbalanced gut. The primary reason is an imbalance in gut flora which can be the cause of and can also result in these problems. Good microflora in the gut ensure that the body is able to combat these problems and minimize their effect on your physical excursions.

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