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"Transform Parenting"


Positive Discipline



  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by parenting challenges?
  • Do you wonder how to guide your child while maintaining a close bond and mutual respect?


Our "Transform Parenting" Workshop
is designed to turn your parenting struggles into strengths,
IN a welcoming, engaging and understanding environment!

  • How can I discipline my child while still fostering a loving connection?

  • What do I do when timeouts and punishments no longer work?

  • How can I stay calm and collected when my child is not?

if YES!




Day 1:
Building the Foundation

  • Explore the essence of Positive Discipline and how it transforms everyday parenting challenges into opportunities for growth.

  • Experience the power of empathy and understanding in our interactive activities, setting the stage for deeper connection with your child.


Day 2:
Communication and Connection

  • Effective communication strategies that promote understanding and respect.

  • Through practical activities, you'll learn how to foster a dialogue that encourages your child to open up, cooperate, and solve problems together.


Day 3:
Implementing with Confidence

  • On the final day, we'll equip you with tools and strategies to implement Positive Discipline consistently

  • We will provide you with a structure that brings out the best in your child and you.


12,13,14 April, 2024


18:30-20:00 (90 min)


online - ZOOM

KEY Benefits

Positive Discipline is more than just a discipline method—it's a pathway to creating deep, lasting connections with your children while guiding them toward becoming capable, respectful individuals. It's about understanding your child's needs, maintaining your calm in challenging situations, and giving you a clear roadmap to nurture your child's potential.


Strengthen Your Parent-Child Connection:

Learn how to discipline in a way that your child feels loved and understood.


Maintain Your Cool:

Acquire skills to remain composed and effective, even when parenting gets tough.


Invest in Your Child's Future:

Equip your child with the social and life skills they need to succeed, building a strong foundation for their future.

Join us in this transformative workshop where you'll not only learn but also experience the joys of Positive Discipline.

Say goodbye to parenting guesswork and welcome a new chapter filled with understanding, respect, and mutual joy.

Presented by Raya,
Positive Discipline Parent Educator

Meet Raya, certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator who's been living and breathing this transformative approach for over six years as a mom and three years professionally.

With her two adorable kids, Raya has turned the art of Positive Discipline into a fun, engaging, and incredibly rewarding journey for her family. Her hands-on experience as a parent combined with her professional expertise makes her workshops not only informative but also relatable and practical.

Whether you're navigating toddler tantrums or school-age negotiations, Raya's upbeat and empathetic guidance makes mastering Positive Discipline a convenient and enjoyable adventure for any parent looking to foster respect, communication, and joy in their family dynamics.

“Attending Raya's Positive Discipline workshop was transformative for my family. The practical tools and compassionate approach Raya teaches have dramatically improved communication and understanding between me and my children. It's more than just a workshop; it's a shift towards more respectful and loving interactions. I'm deeply grateful for the positive changes in our home and highly recommend Raya's expertise to any parent seeking a more harmonious family life"

Petya Lozanova, 

Sofia, Bulgaria


Your family's journey to positive change starts here!
Let's embark on this adventure together!

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Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is ideal for parents who wishes to foster a more understanding, respectful, and cooperative environment. Whether you're new to Positive Discipline or looking to deepen your knowledge, this workshop provides valuable insights and practical tools.

Do I need to attend all three days?

To gain the full benefit of the workshop, we highly recommend attending all three sessions. Each day builds upon the previous one, creating a comprehensive learning experience. However, if you absolutely cannot make all three days, please reach out to us for possible accommodations.

Will there be any materials or resources provided?

Yes, all participants will receive handouts and resources that summarize key concepts and activities covered in the workshop. These materials are designed to help you continue your Positive Discipline journey beyond the workshop.

How can I register for the workshop?

You can register for the workshop by clicking the registration link provided on the landing page. Fill in the necessary details, and you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions and information about the workshop.

What will I learn in the 3-Day Workshop?

Over the course of three days, you will learn the foundational principles of Positive Discipline, engage in interactive activities to understand and apply these principles, and explore effective strategies to enhance communication and relationship with your children. You'll leave with a toolkit of strategies to implement Positive Discipline in your daily life.

Why is this workshop free?

This workshop is free because I am now establishing my business in the English-speaking market. I have been working with parents in Bulgaria for over two years, successfully helping them build stronger, more positive relationships with their children. Offering this workshop for free is a way for me to introduce my methods and philosophy to a wider audience, demonstrating the real value and impact of Positive Discipline.

Is there a certification at the end of the workshop?

While this introductory workshop does not include a formal certification, it provides a solid foundation in Positive Discipline principles and practices. Participants interested in deeper engagement will have opportunities to explore advanced courses and training sessions.

Can I reseive a recording of the Workshop? 

Yes, everybody who have interest in a recording of the Workshop will b provided with one. The recording will be available for 30 days after the Workshop

If you have any further questions or need more information, feel free to contact us at We're here to help and look forward to assisting you on your Positive Discipline journey.

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