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About Me

Hi! I am RAYA

The heart, the soul and the mom behind Mommy Mood!


I am a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator and a mother to a vibrant 5-year-old boy and an adorable 1-year-old girl.

I started my Positive Discipline journey when my son was just 11 months old, driven by a deep commitment to nurturing a respectful, understanding, and loving relationship with my children. My personal experience, combined with a profound understanding of Positive Discipline principles, has not only transformed my own family dynamics but has also equipped me with the skills and passion to guide other parents through their parenting challenges.

Since obtaining my certification as a Positive Discipline Parent Educator in 2022, I dedicated myself to empowering parents with the tools and strategies needed to foster a positive home environment.

My approach is deeply rooted in the belief that discipline should be an opportunity for growth and learning, rather than punishment. With a focus on mutual respect, effective communication, and problem-solving, I help families build strong, lasting bonds and raise children who are responsible, respectful, and resourceful.

My expertise in Positive Discipline is not just theoretical but grounded in real-life application with my own children. This blend of personal insight and professional knowledge makes me the right person for parents seeking to adopt a more compassionate and effective approach to parenting. Whether through workshops, one-on-one coaching, my online content, I am  committed to share the transformative power of Positive Discipline with families worldwide.


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