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What I Eat In a Day As Vegan?

I am one of those people who love to do the "right" things but the easy way! Since I have become an adult and should take care of myself on my own, I have been struggling with what I am eating. All the planning,shopping and cooking was just not my cup of tea. As a result I turned to the "dark side" of the food industry - the fast food :). Of course, my body was not happy at all with that "lifestyle" - lacking fresh home-cooked meals, fruits and veggies - and I started gaining weight. Then I heard about Veganism and I decided to change my life for better. So, my point is that I realized that there is an easy, cheap and fast way to take a good care for your body.

I can describe my current diet as raw till 4, high carb, low fat vegan :). It means that during the day I am eating raw food and usually my diner consist of cooked meal. Also, around 80 % of my calories come from carbohydrates and only 20% from fats and proteins. I found that diet as the ultimate diet for me that gives me more energy, inner-glow and health than ever before.

My breakfast!

First thing in the morning, I drink between 700 and 1000 ml of water. This is the best way to hydrate and clean your body from toxins. After this, I usually grab 2-3 bananas and I am ok till lunch time. I love bananas and they are my favorite breakfast, but, at least 2-3 times a week, as an alternative to bananas I have mangoes or fresh-squeezed juice from oranges.

Lunch time!

My lunch usually duplicates the breakfast plus some salad. As a vegan, eating greens is essential. The way I prefer to incorporate some greens into my diet is in the form of salad. My favorite one at the moment is, as I called it, "The big green !". It consists of some spinach, rocket, cucumber, fresh parsley and dill, avocado, lemon juice and some garlic. I find this combination extremely delicious, fresh and healthy. Personally, I am surprised that I like it so much because in the past I have never been a salad fan but obviously things have changed. And, of course, around lunch time I drink another 500 ml of water :).


Dinner is my favorite part of the day. I enjoy cooking some simple, delicious and vegan food and enjoy even more eating it. It always happens to have some left-overs from the salad from lunch so I just add a bit more of whatever I want to it to make it enough. It is good for your digestion to take fresh greens when you have some cooked food. The cooked meal can vary from backed potatoes and rice to pasta, pizza (preferably gluten-free) or some unknown to human generation experiment :).

Snacking :)

Usually, I am going for guilty-free snacks in between meals. It can be fruit or some nuts. But there are these bad days when, as normal representative of woman-kind, I need some chocolate :). Of course - a vegan one and only few pieces. When I feel hungry, I firstly drink some water just in case my body is sending me the wrong signals. In addition to this, I still have some bad habits of drinking coffee but I let myself have no more than 2 coffees a week.

I really enjoy my vegan life and my diet right now! For me it is easy, cheap and healthy way to eat. At first it was scary because of the amount of food I should consume to get enough calories but now I am more than happy to eat as much as I want and, at the same time, to feel great and healthier than ever!

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