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5 Supplements to Boost Performance at the Gym

It takes a lot of effort to commit to a sport and when its bodybuilding that you are interested in, you like all the help that you can get. The muscular body can be difficult to attain but it requires, even more, effort to maintain. As you continue with your regular mantra of exercises, your body acclimatizes to the exertion, slowing your progress. This can be incredibly frustrating. However, optimum muscle nutrition and regeneration are two things that can help boost muscle development. Here are 5 supplements that you need to fill in the nutritional gaps for maximal muscle size and strength.

Whey protein

Although the general protein intake of a builder is always high, you can optimize your nutrition with whey protein supplements. Whey proteins have high biological values and can be taken conveniently. Its advantage is that it requires minimal metabolism and can be shunted towards muscle anabolism as soon as it is absorbed into the body. This ensures rapid effect and immediate protein synthesis and repair.

Branched-chain amino acids

These are a special kind of amino acids required for energy. These amino acids are the only ones that can be directly used by muscle tissue. Here is why they are essential for fast repair of muscles. They are the best supplements for building new muscle and repairing old tissue after a hard workout session.


Another great supplement that you can add to your diet is creatine. This is the energy reservoir in muscle and is required during periods of activity. A load of creatine can help add strength and size to your muscles. The supplement works in the long run and has been proven to fortify muscle strength and boost lean muscle mass.

Omega-3 fish oil

These oils contain the highly nutritious unsaturated fatty acids that are needed by the muscles as well as the body. The oil works to optimize nutrient delivery to the muscle/ it also works to promote fat loss, improving the lean mass to fat ratio of your body. Furthermore, it also optimizes cardiac health and serves to improve joint lubrication for optimal performance.


These have an indirect but an essential function. A lot of the supplements and the daily exertion can derange the microflora of the gut. Probiotics help maintain the optimal gut colonization so that all nutrients are absorbed efficiently. By making sure that the primary absorption system is working perfectly, it serves to boost muscle strength and size.

All of these supplements play their part in building muscle mass. You need to adjust and synchronize your diet and supplement intake together to avail the maximum benefit. However, you need to consider the fact that if the primary gut system is flawed, eating any amount of supplements won’t help them reach the muscles. Hence taking probiotics to optimize your gut absorption is a must.

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