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Easy Daily Steps for Healthier Life! (part 1)

I will share with you some easy daily steps for healthier lifestyle that work for me and that I use on a daily basis to help my body perform on its best. I am not an expert or nutritionist and I have no education behind my words, all I have is my personal experience of 6 years of searching for the best way for my body to feel as healthy and as happy as possible.

1. Drink a litter of lemon water as a start of the day…!

I feel like this is somehow the most important thing to do. Every morning when I wake up the first thing I do is to squeeze a lemon and mix it with one litter of water. There are so many positive effects of drinking lemon water. Firstly, you hydrate your body after the all night of hard work it has done digesting food - so it surely needs a fresh start. Secondly, the lemon juice in the water will help you to get rid of tocsins. Last but not least, it is a really good way to feel awake, it works way better than coffee and it is healthy.

2. …. And drink at least 2 litters of water every day!

Drinking water has been always a struggle for me and sometimes it still is. But when I notice the difference in the way I feel now, I know that its worth the effort. That’s why I love so much drinking lemon water every morning. It feels great and refreshing, and I already had the half of the water I need. It is highly important to hydrate your body properly. 70% of our body mass is water. We need certain amount of water for the everyday processes our body does. If the water is not enough, the body struggles and this can have negative impact on our overall health, kidneys and for sure the way we feel during the day - dizziness, tiredness, headaches, irregular digestion est. So, do your best to drink as much water during the day as you can. Keep reminding yourself to drink at least one cup of water every hour. My special tip here is to add some sliced fruits in a jar or a bottle and pour some water. Leave it overnight and on the next day you will have a delicious fruity water that is hydrating and yummy (and looks really fresh and cool :) ).

3. Do not miss the breakfast!

The breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I often even feel excited to have a big and nutritious breakfast. It is with no doubts the most important meal of the day. The breakfast gives you the proper energy to start your day. Usually, my first meal of the day consists of freshly squeezed orange juice, 2-3 bananas or mango, or any other fruit I have, and for the grand finale a bowl of quinoa with some chia seeds, berries and coconut milk. If I have to be honest from time to time I am so hungry, lazy and inpatient in the morning that I don’t feel like even chewing - I just put everything in the blender and have the biggest and strangest smoothie ever :). As a result, after breakfast I feel really full but at the same time light and energetic. So it is really important to wake up at least 30 minutes earlier and let yourself have enough time to enjoy your breakfast.

4. Get enough sleep!

Sleeping is so important for our health. During our sleep, our body digests the food we have had during the day, the brain stores our memories, emotions and newly learned things whereas our muscles, legs, arms, spine and the rest of the body take rest. Sleeping is literally restarting the system, fixing it and preparing it for the new day. These processes need their time and for the proper working of the whole system we should take enough sleep. How long is enough is really hard to say. It depends on the person, the daily activities, stress, but something between 6-8 hours should be long enough for a healthy sleep.

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