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5 Tips to Prevent Digestive Problems When Traveling

Travelling is fun, but it puts your body through major changes. Often these disruptions have a significant toll on your digestive system. As a result, your gut fails to work at its optimum and you end up dealing with stomach upsets, constipation, diarrhea and much more. Traveling and managing these gut problems can be hectic. So, how do you prevent them from occurring? Well, a good idea is to plan ahead and take precautions that will help you avoid this situation altogether. So, here are some digestive health, travel tips that will surely help you on your travels.

Drink lots of water

First and foremost, you need to supplement your body with lots of clean water. This will help keep your system moving. Furthermore, it will also wash out any harmful bacteria and toxins that could precipitate an attack of diarrhea. Also, water helps soften the gut contents and prevents constipation. Following this little tip can help you optimize your digestion and your stomach, no matter where you travel.

Clean food

Traveling to different destination exposes our gut to an entirely new world of bacteria which can be really stressful for our digestive system. Usually, it takes some time to get used to the new spectrum of microflora. However, you can help your digestive system by limiting fast foods and avoiding street foods. In addition to this, ensure that everything you eat is washed properly and, in case you cook at home, make sure that the food is well-cooked. This will help limit any bacterial infections and keep your gut healthy.


Taking probiotics is one of the most effective ways to make sure that your digestive system is well-balanced when you travel abroad. These “friendly bacteria” can prevent any gut disturbances caused by any pathogen bacteria and also help treat any stomach problems if already presented. Many different types of food can be a source of probiotics – for example yogurt, sauerkraut or pickles. Alternatively, many probiotics come in the form of capsules and tablets and could be easily taken in our luggage. Even better, most of the brands on the market offer special travel packs containing the exact amount of probiotics we need for our holiday.


It's especially important to get as much fiber as possible. We usually don’t pay enough attention to our diet during travels, which is why our digestive health declines. Including fiber in your diet in the form of fruits, vegetables and grains will help optimize the gut environment and prevent constipation or diarrhea. Simple dietary modifications can help you treat your stomach problems.


A not so much appreciated factor for digestive health is rest. Travel overburdens your system and while you may be in a hurry to enjoy every bit of it, not taking enough rest could have its toll on your gut. Regular sleep cycles help diminish stress and optimize the innervation to the gut, which is necessary for maintaining digestive health during travel. Get your necessary sleep hours. Your gut will thank you for it.

All these travel tips are a great way to avoid digestive health problems during travel. You need to give your digestion some time and consideration. A healthy system doesn’t need much. Avoiding that overburden and carelessness, supplemented with a little care can help you enjoy your visit without any stomach problems. Remember to apply these travel tips on your next vacation. You will surely be amazed by how well they work!

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