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The Fruit Oatmeal

Every day is special and deserve to be celebrated with an extraordinary breakfast. That's why there is not a better way to start your day than with a beautiful, healthy, delicious smoothie bowl like this one from our friends at

Raya from shared her favorite smoothie recipe and made it even more special by adding our vegan probiotic - ProViotic - in the mix.

Here in Raya's recipe:

I call it breakfast but usually it is just my first meal of the day that I have around noon. That's why I make sure that it is packed with plenty of fruits, fibers, vitamins and some good fats to provide me with all the energy I need. No matter what smoothie I have in the morning, I always add my daily serving of probiotic in it. I don't usually take supplements, but probiotics are a must in my life. So, what a better way to take yours than add it to your breakfast smoothie.

This smoothie bowl recipe is one of my most favorite:

  • frozen mango

  • papaya

  • pineapple

  • frozen raspberries

  • oats

  • soaked almonds

  • organic soya milk

  • organic and vegan probiotic - ProViotic

Add everything in a blender and blend till it's smooth. Serve with some fresh fruits like strawberries and consume with love.

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